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LSS+ Version 2007 will soon be released. This new edition contains four new disks: LSS+ Infobase, LSS102, LSS205, LSS206. In addition, the update to the DAME version will be available at ALOA on July 22. The Defenses Against Methods of Entry series contains sixty video files detailing many covert and mechanical bypass techniques. Twenty new video files have been added to this collection, including material on the new pick tool for Mul-T-Lock that can allow some of these UL 437 rated cylinders to be opened in under one minute.

DAME is only available to Locksmiths, law enforcement and security professionals. A summary of all video files for the LSS+ collection has now been posted in the LSS+ On-line tour.

There is a significant amount of new material in the latest edition of LSS+, including approximately twenty interviews with biometrics professionals in the U.S. and England. In addition, a majority of the Wendt collection of locksmith and bypass tools are now integrated into the Infobase. A comprehensive list of updates by chapter will be posted shortly.

A High Security Supplement will be available later this year that will detail advanced bypass techniques for UL and ANSI rated cylinders. This will be a must-read for security professionals who rely upon these standards.

The new edition of LSS+ will be issued on DVD and 2GB USB drive due to the increased size of the Infobases. New security updates have also been implemented by Folio to protect the information from unauthorized access.

Discounted copies of LSS+ will again be available at DEFCON 15.

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