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DEFCON 2008: Las Vegas

Marc Tobias and Matt Fiddler will again be lecturing at the annaul Defcon 16 security conference in Las Vegas between August 8-10. Last year, more then 8,000 people attended the three day event.

Marc and Matt will lecture on the development of bypass techniques for Medeco high security locks and explore this classic case of multiple failures that allowed perhaps the most secure lock in America to be compromised by forced and covert methods of entry. The new book by Marc Tobias and Tobias Bluzmanis on how the Medeco locks were cracked will be released at the conference.

A demonstratiion of new and extremely serious vulnerabilities will be presented with regard to Medeco cylinders in an effort to alert security officers of the potential threat that currently exists for certain Medeco locks. Last year, JennaLynn, 12 years old, bumped open a Medeco Biaxial cylinder in about a minute. This year, she is expected to again demonstrate certain bypass techniques that surely will be of interest to consumers as well as security specialists.

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